Personalized Wallpaper for Walls

Customized 3D Wallpapers for Walls are really popular for those who want to give their space totally new look. Imagine converting your room into something that's totally you! Who doesn't want their room to be totally unique? You want it right? That's why you need personalized wallpaper for walls. Peel and Stick custom wallpaper are not only easy to install but custom wallcovering also matches your taste and unique style and adds a character to your room.

3D Wallpaper for Walls @My Indian Things

You can get personalized and 3D wallpaper for walls at My Indian Things. You can upload your photos, then choose your color scheme and select your favorite texture. Edit patterns the way you like. You can also customize designer templates by adding your own touch. Another feature is the wall previews that show how your custom wallcovering will look in any room. This lets you visualize the final look before purchasing your Customized 3D Wallpapers for Walls .

Customized 3D Wallpapers Saves Money Over Time

We get it - money's tight. But get this - Customized 3D Wallpapers for Walls can cost as little as Rs. 75-80 per square foot. For how it will transform your place, that's a steal! And way nicer than what plain old paint can do. Sure, Peel and Stick custom wallpaper costs more than paint. But custom wallpaper also lasts much longer before needing replacement. So over time, custom wallcovering actually saves you money and hassle.

Easy Installation

Designing custom wallpaper is super easy these days. With My Indian Things, just upload pics, play with patterns and colors, order samples to test out. Then click to purchase and schedule installation. Want to DIY? No worries - we got helpful video tutorials for that too.

Unsure what to pick? Nature scenes, black and white designs, flashy metallics and retro prints are hot right now. Check out shots of rooms you love for inspiration. Serene landscapes for your bedroom, bold art for the living room, groovy prints for a home office - anything goes when you customize!

FAQs: Custom Wallcovering

How much does it cost to install custom wallpaper?

How much will installation of wallpaper cost depends on various factors. Size of the space, complexity of design, wallpaper materials, labor cost can help you to determine the exact cost. So what I mean by these factors? How big the area is- small area means less cost, big area means more cost. What design you choose, whether a simple pattern or a detailed murals. What material will you choose and how much your professional installers will charge you.

Can I customize my wallpaper?

Yes, My Indian Things lets you customize the wallpaper! You can easily order personalized wallpaper for your walls @MyIndianThings

Is wallpaper cheaper than paint?

Paint is generally cheaper. But you need to repaint the wall very frequently but peel and stick custom wallpaper last much longer. Customized 3d Wallpaper is durable, and can last over 15 years. So, wallpaper are more cost effective. Custom wallpaper also gives you more design options than standard paint colors.

Is 3D wallpaper durable?

Yes, 3D wallpaper is durable because It's made with top notch material . And it doesn't rip or fade easily, so you can enjoy it for so many years.

Is 3D wallpaper expensive?

Cost depends on various factors- size, design, material etc. And maybe it seems to be a bit expensive but they worth every penny because of the transformation they give and the durability they have!

How to create 3D wallpaper?

To create 3D wallpaper, you need foam, cloth, and plastic. You also need a printer to put colors and pictures. Although you can make some 3D wallpaper yourself, but it is better to get help from experts who know how to do it well.

What is the life of 3D wallpaper?

Personalized 3D Wallpaper for walls is usually good if you buy it from good brands. It can last for 3-5 years if you take care of 3d wallpaper properly!

How much does 1 feet wallpaper cost?

Customized 3D Wallpapers for Walls averages RS. 75 -RS. 80 per square foot installed but can vary widely. Price depends on factors like order size, area, installation charges!