Our Mission

"At MyIndianThings.com, we spice up spaces worldwide! From cozy homes to bustling businesses, we bring Indian flair to every corner. Get ready to transform your place into a vibrant, desi paradise! Shop with us and let your space dance with color and culture. Embrace the joy of Indian decor, wherever you are! Our innovative approach has been transforming the decor industry in India with cost effective, durable, and eco-friendly products."

Our Process

From Mumbai to Manhattan, we're on a wallpaper world tour! Get ready to be wowed by our wallpaper samples

Turn any pic into snazzy wallpaper with our endless customization options. Quality? Guaranteed!"

We measure, deliver, and slap those wallpapers on your walls faster than you can say 'interior makeover

Whether it's your cubicle or your cozy corner at home, we'll sprinkle some wallpaper magic everywhere

Our Work

Check out the smiles behind our success stories!

WE 're Hiring

Tired of the same old routine? Join our team and let's shake things up with a dose of fun and creativity!"

Graphic Designer

Transforming space ideas into visual masterpieces with flair and creativity

Sales Executive

Driving growth and forging lasting relationships, one sale at a time!

Staff Accountant

Balancing the books with precision and expertise, ensuring financial harmony

Onsite Manager

Guiding operations with finesse and leadership, ensuring success on the ground