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Wooden Wall Art Decor is so in right now!!! Plastic stuffs are good but real wooden home decor adds natural warmth and texture to your space which plastic and other materials can’t beat. Let me tell you, world maps and mandala art prints are amazing wooden decor pieces. Whether you wanna add something unique to your walls or bring in global vibes, these wood décor pieces perfect for you

Wood decors are good for many styles of your home decoration. Natural material makes your place feel warm and natural. And wood lasts longer, so you can keep your map or mandala for a long time.

World Map Wooden Decor

If you choose large world maps, it can be eye catching and it can work as wooden accent on any blank wall. You can choose from tons of maps. If you want you can use pins to mark the destinations that you have visited, places that you want to visit and it's on your bucket list. But when you are choosing map make sure to choose perfect size map carefully.

If wooden decor- map will be too big then your room looks like smaller and make you feel so compact! If you want extra decoration around it use photos in same frame or you can also use gallery wall. You can also use floating shelves to put little object around it! And add console table below the wooden wall art decor- you can keep book, flower or candles. You can get creative with your wooden home decor!

Mandala Magic: Wooden Home Decor

"Mandala" means "circle" in Sanskrit. Balanced, round shapes mandala symbolize spiritual symbols in Eastern faiths and naturally attract the eye to look inside.You can use Mandala Art as centerpieces. Mandala art prints are perfect for meditation areas. Choose colorful pop wooden wall art decor or soft black and white wood designs to match your boho or Zen style. Small wooden decor enhance tables nicely while big wooden home decor impresses your eyes and guests.

Where to Buy Wooden Decor

My Indian Things offers a wide selection of beautiful wooden wall art and decor to match any style and budget. Choose from handcrafted wooden maps, mandalas to make a statement on your walls. Our wooden home decor adds a natural, rustic touch to any room. Made from quality wood, our wooden decor are designed to last.

With lots of options, you can find the perfect wooden wall decor for your space at My Indian Things. We also provide bulk order options for wooden wall art decor at wholesale pricing for high volume purchases. Browse ready to hang world maps and hand carved mandalas art now!.

In Summary

Natural wooden decor and prints create fabulous home accents. World map and mandala art add style and inspire talks about different cultures.To bring natural warmth into your space with wooden wall art decor, explore My Indian Things today! Nothing makes us happier than adding some beauty to your home with our extensive wooden home decor collections!.


How can you decorate wood?

You can do many creative things with wood in your home:
Stain or paint your wood decor with a different color that you like. Add molding - Fancy edges like crown molding or baseboards make it look nice. You can stick wood shapes like medallions, corbels, or shelves to walls and furniture. Give it a distress texture - Rub or scratch wood to make it look old and interesting. Glue cut out papers to wood surfaces to make your own art.

What are home decoration items?

Some popular home decor items are Wall arts, Mandala Art, World Maps, Rugs, Plants and flowers, Candles and aromatherapy, Vases and decorative bowls or Photo frames.

Is wood still in style?

Yes, wood is still in style and versatile material for home decor. Natural wood never goes out of fashion. Both stained wood and painted wood looks are evergreen.