Self Adhesive Wallpaper Stickers

Change your walls in minutes with Self-Adhesive Wallpaper Stickers. Removable self-adhesive wallpaper stickers make it so easy to refresh your room in just minutes!

Now you don't need to face the messy glue or tricky installation. You just have to peel and stick. There are variety of affordable peel and stick wallpaper that you can choose from to match your preference. And if you are living on rent- this is a blessing for you. No damage to walls just choose the Self adhesive wallpaper peel and stick and keep it until you are staying there.

With hundreds of patterns to pick from – floral, geometric, wood plank, brick and more – you can find stickers perfect for any space. Use flower walls to brighten a bedroom or add modern farmhouse charm to a kitchen backsplash with wood or brick.

Measure Correctly for Self Adhesive Wallpaper Peel and Stick

Decorating with Self Adhesive Wallpaper Stickers couldn't be easier. Just accurately measure the wall dimensions you want to cover, so you know how many sticker rolls to purchase. Check the product descriptions on site to see affordable peel and stick wallpaper roll sizes. Sketch out a rough layout of where you want to place your self adhesive wallpaper peel and stick stickers. This helps ensure balanced decor and avoids sticker chaos. Lastly, wipe-down the wall where you want to use self adhesive wallpaper with a damp cloth. No dust or dirt!

Self Adhesive Wallpaper Stickers Application Tips

To apply affordable peel and stick wallpaper smoothly, collect all things– self adhesive wallpaper peel and stick, tool, tape measure, craft knife. Ensure the first row is perfectly straight before sticking. Use the included smoothing tool and your hands to tack on stickers, working top down. Carefully trim edges along ceilings, floors, corners etc. with a knife

In case your Self Adhesive Wallpaper Stickers is not in a quite right direction, no worries! Just peel and re-center it immediately after sticking. Even after some time, you can refresh its look if you use mild soap and water with gentle scrubbing.

Why choose MyIndianThings stickers?

  • Our high-quality Self Adhesive Wallpaper Stickers are quick and easy to fix
  • A mild clean up with soap and water keeps your stickers looking fresh.
  • Anyone can transform their space with our extensive and affordable peel and stick wallpaper selection of rolls.
  • You can choose from stunning florals, rustic brick, elegant wood grain, and eye-catching Self adhesive wallpaper peel and stick wallpapers.

Ready to bring your taste and touch in your space? Browse our collection today!


Self adhesive wallpaper stickers are a great way to transform your room decor in minutes. They are easy to choose, measure, plan, and apply. They are also affordable, removable, and damage-free. You can create your own unique and personalized decor with these stickers.

You can also change them anytime you want, without any hassle or mess. What are you waiting for? Check out our amazing selection of self-adhesive wallpaper stickers at My Indian Things and get ready to transform your home!


Which sticker is best for wall?

Well, that depends! Think about the look you like and your budget. Lots of Self adhesive wallpaper peel and stick could work - vinyl, self-stick, floral designs. Browse the collection at My Indian Things to pick what you love.

What is the difference between wallpaper and wall stickers?

Wallpaper covers the whole wall evenly. Stickers are smaller pieces you put on like a puzzle to decorate spots. Wallpaper takes work to install. Stickers just peel and stick - easy! Wallpaper lasts longer. But fun stickers are cheaper to play around with.

What are the disadvantages of wallpaper stickers?

Not ideal for covering large areas like entire walls. May not stick properly to textured walls or surfaces with paint peeling. And some designs may have noticeable seams if not applied perfectly.

Can I stick stickers on wallpaper?

You sure can, as long as the wallpaper is nice and smooth. Be gentle taking stickers off so they don't ruin the wallpaper. Just make sure your stickers match the colors and style of your space.