Wallcoverings are sold in rolls – each roll can cover approximately 57 sq feet of area. The prices mentioned on the website are all ‘per roll’. Need help estimating the number of rolls for your space – use the wallpaper calculator on the product pages.

By Square Feet rates:

Usually, the cost of material plus installation is mentioned as ‘cost per square foot – this cost needs to be multiplied by the total area to be covered to get an idea of the total cost.

We provide replacement of the same product only. So, the damaged product will be replaced by a new intact product with the same design.

Once the order has been shipped out, it cannot be canceled.Currently, order cancellation is possible for unshipped wallpaper rolls and wall panels only. Customized orders cannot be canceled.

Make sure the original product packaging is intact before the pickup to ensure a hassle-free exchange.

Not at all, our wallpapers are completely opaque. Colors, patterns, or pen/pencil marks are NOT visible under our wallpapers.

Do I need to remove nails, screws, wall hangings, etc during wallpaper installation?

Yes, for a seamless wallpaper application, a smooth surface is required. Don’t worry, once the installation is complete, you can easily put everything back on your wall just like you would on a painted wall.


The wall should be smooth and free of any major cracks, bumps, or seepage

Our glue is made by mixing CMC powder and water mixed in a specific proportion. The CMC powder is included in the shipment for every order.

No. Our applicators make sure to not leave a smudge after the installation. However, if there are any residues left, they can be easily wiped off using some soap water.

Our wallpapers last for at least 5-10 years depending upon the maintenance and type of walls you have

No. Don’t worry about that. Our wallpapers don’t peel off at all once the glue is completely dried up.

Yes, sharp scrapping objects damage the paper surface just as well any other surface would. If you have pets, we suggest you keep them away from any wall scratching.

Not at all. Our wall-coverings are completely opaque. Nothing behind the wall-covering is visible after the installation.

Contact Us If you need any assistance at anypoint, you can write tousat Oursupport executive will be happy to resolve all your queries.

As wallpapers are easy to clean, they are also hygienic in comparison to wall paints.

Wallpaper offers you 100% washable quality paper with 5-10+ years of durability while adding texture and design to yourroom, covers minor imperfections & is easy to maintain

Paste the wall wallpapers are easy to remove,so updating your style is easier than ever. Provided the wall was prepared correctly, it can be simply peeled off, cleaned, and re-wallpapered.

Yes! It is much easier than it used to be. Your local Colourplus specialist can advise you on the best process, and sort all the tools you will need for the job. And if you decide you would call in the professionals, we can install it for you or recommend a paperhanger in your area.

Myindianthings has 1000+ unique designs on the website with all the material details which will help you select the right product. Need more assistance email us

Each year there are new colors and designs in every product area, responding to global and local influences, and cultural and lifestyle trends and changes. Wallcovering manufacturers regularly bring out new colors and designs too; sometimes subtle variations in color and texture, or more dramatic patterns. The trend to patterned, printed and embroidered fabrics has seen an equal shift to dramatic, look at me wallpapers. Rich and rococo-inspired patterns that are slightly over-scale, often with a metallic shimmer against a matt background; updated retro geometric designs of the 60s and 70s; and reworked floral and botanical prints are key trends featuring in
design magazines from minimalism into glamour, luxury, and pattern

Wallpaper is printed on rollers and therefore every wallpaper has a repeat but sometimes on a plain or striped wallpaper, the repeat does not matter.

Yes, you can, we have a full range of decorating tools available on our tools page.

Nobel-winning wallpaper scientists were trying to figure out how to make a wallpaper that changes designs when you get bored. Unfortunately, since only 0 of them are alive, there is no such

Yes! Of course, you can. Our wallpapers are completely opaque, so nothing behind the wallpapers is visible after the application. The perfect way to hide your kid’s drawings or your drawings.

Most of our wallpapers are standard sizes approximately 57 sqft long roll with a width of  (21 inches)  Although some rolls are wider and also can be shorter in length.  Please check the size of the wallpapers before placing your order and if you have any
questions please do contact us now.

Each of our wallpaper product pages includes a wallpaper calculator, to help you calculate the amount of wallpaper you need. We recommend allowing an additional 10% for trimming excess and pattern matching. The wallpaper calculator should be used as a guide only, if you would like any assistance please contact

Wallpaper rolls are ready-made designs & Customized wallpaper is printed as per your wall size. (Any design can be made incustomized with any size you want)

When you paint your home, it needs to retouch the hues every two to four years, depending on various indispensable factors,such as the location of your home and if or not you have pets or kids, and others. However, high-quality wallpapers can offer a decade of durability and even more.

Both are durable or years depends on the quality and material you take What is Wovenshield paper in the customized wallpaper category? Woven shield paper – 10+ years durability, Waterproof, easily cleanable, easy
pasting, Fine prints, Matte Finish, Vibrant colors, Bio-Degradable wallpaper
(Any design can be printed In any size on this paper)

3D Digital Media paper – Tear-proof, 5+ years durability, Calm colors, Long Lasting.

Yes, send us your photo with size on

Yes, we do that with extra minimal charges share your idea will help you create the right design. Contact us at

No, Customized is printed exactly as per your requirement of the wall. Free size

Yes, free size you can put your height and width of your wall after selecting the design

Wallpapers are more cost-effective than paint, Link to know more

Loyality Program

Of course! Our loyalty program is called Patterns for People and we offer an exclusive 20% off to the members on their next purchase.

Just buy any of our products and post the image on any social media using #patternsforpeople. That’s all! Now you are eligible for a 15% discount on your next purchase at MIT. T&C Apply.

Not a penny. Our loyalty program only requires, well, loyalty. Send us an image of any previous wall covering that you have purchased from us and voila! You are in.


Delivery costs depend on the shipping Pincode and the weight of the parcel. The delivery charges are displayed on the website once you enter your Pincode.

All our orders are shipped within 2-3 days.
You will receive an e-mail and SMS confirmation when your order is shipped.

Yes, you can select an alternative delivery address but the parcel needs to be
signed for.

Delivery time within the Indian mainland is 3-6 working days. If delivery is going to be longer than 5 working days you will be notified by email. On confirmation of your order, you will have the option to track your order using the given link

You will receive a confirmation email. How do I know if my order has been received? We will email you advising you of the revised delivery date. We will also give you the option to reselect if this date is not acceptable. There are occasions when we have to wait for a wallpaper to be printed and so there may be a delay, and this gives you the choice whether to wait or not.


We cover any damage to the parcel during
delivery and/or any printing defects only, for which an exchange will be

All our wallpapers have a life of 5-10 years
depending upon the maintenance. However, we do not offer any warranty on the
products after the installation.

Our wallpapers last for at least 5-10 years depending upon the maintenance and type of walls you have

In the unfortunate event of a fault please return the product to us with the labels – it should not be necessary to return all the faulty products. Please do note that You should check all wallpaper products for faults before and during hanging.  Carefully examine the first 2 or 3 lengths on the wall, to ensure there are no faults.  If at this stage you are in any doubt as to whether the paper is faulty please stop work immediately and contact us.  If the product is defective in any way or has a fault, a full replacement or refund will be made at no charge.